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UNFPA about important mission in 12 documentary photos

Parenthoodis the best management and relations development school. It is a mission you share with your wife/partner. Mission father” is a project about active father’s presence in lives of their children and house duties.

The documentary exhibitions portraying 12 fathers was opened on the 31st of May at the Center for children and Youth and gathered around families, general public and media. The launch of the exhibition was planned on the eve of the World Parents Day.


UNFPA Assistant Representative, Ekena Kasko

«Mission father» is the project of the United Nations Fund (UNFPA) in Belarus ( aimed at engaging men into responsible and active parenthood and equal share of house hold duties between the partners in the family.

Men engagement and promotion of responsible parenthood among men is an important part of the gender equality component of UNFPA office in Belarus.

UNFPA presented to the public 12 male role-models, musicians, actors, photographers, businessmen and engineers, who have found their mission in taking care of their children along with the mothers. Each photo was followed by 12 insights about parenting experience based on the interviews with responsible fathers. They look at their children as teachers, sense and continuation of their lives.


Nagual music band leader, Leonid Pavlionok

Here are the insights from some of the role-models:

«You start thinking that you should live longer, because your child needs you».

Valery Zagorsky

«I have realized that I have changed: I became more responsible. Now equipped with new qualities I can resolve not only family issues, but get in touch with other people more easily. Children teach us to be more tolerant and respectful to the world and people.

Zmicer Wajtiushkevich


Photographer Alexander Zhdanovich 

Children are your official permission to have fun. Children are the best to save you from boredom and social clichés».

Vitalik Artist

«Raising children is a constant personal development. Daughters taught me to be strong and tender at the same time. Now feel complete. On the one hand I instruct and protect them, on the other hand I give them love and care».

Pavel Kharlanchuk-Yuzhakov

Photos have been made by Alexander Zhdanovich, texts have been prepared by Anna Trubacheva.


Master class on 'Father's portrait'

The launch of the exhibition was followed by master-classes for children and acoustic concert from music band Nagual. The leader of the music band and his daughter also became heroes of the exhibition ‘Mission Father’.

UNFPA Assistants Representative Elena Kasko and Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Representative Svetlana Belash briefed Belarusian media on the benefits of responsible fatherhood and parental leave for fathers.

The exhibition ‘Mission Father’ was displayed until 8th of June 2016.

For more information please contact Ahniya Asanovich, UNFPA Communication Specialist, landline: 327 45 27 /mobile: 80291786700, email: