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From the 31st of May till the 3rd of June, yy.2016, Minsk was hosting the photography gallery under the name Father Mission, which appeared to be special project of the UNFPA Belarus and Swedish Institute. The photography gallery had a very particular aim -  to display the importance of engagement of the Fathers into the responsible parenthood and as well to uhnderline the importance of the equal destribution of the household duties between the partners. 

The photography gallery was encluding the images of Belarussian fathers with their children, which were accompanied by their thoughts on happiness and responsibilities of being a Father.

On finalization of the exhibition all the photography by talended cameramen Mrs. Anna Trubacheva and Alexander Zhdanovich has been successfully transformed into the unique calendar, kind of the "book of intimacy of Belarussian Fathers, memebers of the project". 

As it is proudly mentioned by the production team, Branding Agency AVC: "Each page of the calendar is executed in the form of the detachable postcard, which can be a pleasure to keep on the desk or to provide as a gift to your family members". 

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