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Photo exhibition "Accessibility", which tells the stories of people with disabilities living in Belarus and Sweden, will be held from December 10 to December 22, 2016 at the House of Paintings Gallery at the address: Minsk, 89 Pieramožcaŭ ave.

Each hero of the project is, first of all, an individual who has the right for a dignified life and equal opportunities. The heroes of "Accessibility" are people with their feelings, dreams and plans, abilities and needs. Each story is a small revelation, a lens through which we can look at our attitude towards persons with disabilities, at how accessible their environment is, how diverse and broad are the opportunities for the development and building of their potential, what conditions are offered for them for the full inclusion into public life and maintaining self-esteem.

Among the heroes of the exhibition you will see children, adolescents, and adults, citizens of Belarus and fugitives, prospective and current parents, representatives of art and applied professions, those who are employed and those who cannot find a job, people living in cities and small towns, and people living in the country. Fourteen Swedish and fourteen Belarusian stories at the photo exhibition call onto everybody to think about the reasons for social barriers that adults and children with disabilities face in the course of achieving their goals. Why while having the same rights they have fewer opportunities?

As part of the exhibition design items for people with disabilities will be also displayed.

We hope that the photo exhibition "Accessibility" will become a starting point for everyone, a platform for promoting the interests of persons with disabilities and bringing the attention of the public and stakeholders to the issues of the participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities, and social and physical accessibility of their environment.

Admission is free of charge. A barrier-free environment is provided.

Photographers: Marcus Marsetick (Sweden), Ivan Besser (Belarus)

Texts by: Rikard Lagerberg (Sweden), Vyacheslav Korsak (Belarus)

Organizers of the exhibition: UNFPA and Swedish Institute     

Supported by DPI, UNHCR, UNDP, IOM, and UNICEF